Leicestershire & Rutland Veteran Ladies Golf Association

Captain vs Vice Captain

Captain vs Vice Captain

Thursday 23rd September 2021

How lucky I have been so far this year with yet another sunny day and ladies soon shedding layers of clothing as temperatures soared.

Sandra (VC) and I are both so competitive and you can imagine the determination on both sides to win this match, in a very friendly way of course.  It was a delight for my partner Pat and I to play with Sandra and her partner Annie, who played a lovely game.  Unfortunately, Sandra had tweaked her back that morning so was not firing on all cylinders.  

The Vice Captains side has won this friendly match since 2014.  In 2013 during Rita Fricker’s year as Captain, the match was halved and in 2012 it was once again won by the Vice Captains team.

So, the last time that this match was actually won by the Captains team was in 2011….will that situation have changed…yes, yes, yes.

The Captain’s team won 4.1/2 to 3.1/2 well done to everyone as I know many of the matches played were won or lost on the 18th green. 

Thank you so much to all, as you are making my year so enjoyable with all your ‘thank yous’.🤪😀