Leicestershire & Rutland Veteran Ladies Golf Association

2021 2nd Team vs Staffs

Thursday 8th July 2021

2nd Team Match vs Staffordshire at Lingdale Golf Club

Well! what a day makes, torrential rain the day before and today was ideal weather to play some good golf.

A shaky start as we realised at the end of the first hole that we were using the men’s cards, which did not give the ladies par or stroke indices.  The problem was soon resolved as the green staff kindly motored as fast as they could to get new cards and distribute them to our ladies on the various tees.

A strong team as usual from Staffordshire and the result I am sure did not portray some of the matches that we had and overall Staffordshire beat us 6.1/2 to 1.1/2.   However, the match was played in warm dry weather, with excellent company and in beautiful countryside.

My very sincere thanks must go to Pat Imlay who very kindly stepped in at 9.15 a.m. to replace Cherry Fleet who had found out that morning that she would have to isolate because of contact with her brother who had just tested positive for Covid.   Cherry was so very sorry to cancel at such short notice, but quite understandable.

It was lovely to have our President (Kate Elliott) supporting us during the day and Staffordshires Captain of the day Mandy.  They both had a few holes together following our match, as their handicaps were much too low to play for the 2nd team.

Andy, Manager at Lingdale GC was really helpful throughout the organisation of our match.  The day finished with a very tasty Supreme of Chicken and the usual thank yous to all.