Leicestershire & Rutland Veteran Ladies Golf Association

2021 L&RVLGA 2nd Team v Northants

Thursday 29th July

L&RVLGA 2nd Team vs Northants at Scraptoft Golf Club

Well, the sun didn’t shine a lot today but the wind certainly blew and not a raindrop in sight.

It was lovely meeting up with the Northant’s Captain Christine for the second time this week. Monday’s match against Northants 3rd team was a loss to Leics & Rutland, so I really wanted a win for us today, to even the two matches out.

My mother used to say you know what ‘want gets’ so I decided to think I wish or I hope.  So after welcoming Northants to Scraptoft Golf Club and the usual pleasantries I passed over to Christine to give the result.

Guess what……..my wish had come true and Leicestershire & Rutland ladies won 4.1/2 to 3.1/2 the result all rested on the last group in.

A really lovely day, enjoyed by all I hope.

Well done ladies.