Leicestershire & Rutland Veteran Ladies Golf Association

2019 AGM Minutes




Present:        Mrs K Elliott (President)        

Committee: Mrs A Webb (Secretary) Mrs R Watts (Treasurer), Mrs A Jervis, (First Team Captain), Mrs A O’Meara, (Second Team Captain), Mrs C Boyd, Mrs C Hinks, Miss J Bevan, Mrs C Ratcliffe, Mrs P Hall, Mrs S Major and Mrs L Reddick. Apologies: Mrs A Henry, and Mrs J Windridge (Midlands Vets Representative).

Members – 107 members attended, 54 apologies on the day. (110 paid)



The President welcomed ladies to our annual lunch preceding our 58th Annual General Meeting.


She asked members to stand as we remembered:

Jennifer Moore from Scraptoft, who was Treasurer 2006/7/8/9, 1st team Captain 2012 and Midlands Rep 2015 and Veronica St Denis from Lingdale

Following a minute’s silence, she said “Past presidents, ladies-

My first year as president has passed extremely quickly and I feel that a lot has been packed into this year.

I have had an opportunity to meet many of our ladies this year at the events and matches. The 2nd team Captain v vice-captain was a good opportunity as there were 32 of our members in the one match.

I would like to congratulate our committee on a very successful year in both matches and competitions. The competitions were well supported and efficiently organised with Ann Henry our Competitions Secretary at the helm ably supported by our Treasurer Rita on the desk. Rita and Ann - would you both pass on our thanks to your husbands for their support as starters at these events.

Thank you also to Avis, our Secretary, for all of her organisation with the membership, including the preparation of the booklet and the organisation for today. Thanks also to our Treasurer, Rita, for keeping our books in order.

Our captains, Ann and Annette, have done a splendid job this year ably supported by their vices.

Our committee members have looked after the raffles and the sale of the merchandise as well as making a valuable input at our committee meetings. I think our raffle tables have looked very attractive this year and I thank all the ladies who have supported by donating prizes and buying raffle tickets – raising money for my charity Hope Against Cancer.

Usually the charity money is kept until the end of the 2nd year of the president’s office but this year we have an opportunity to double the amount we have raised. My husband is a member of Gartree Lodge here at London Road. They have a fund-raising event at the moment whereby whatever money they raise will be matched by the Masonic Province of Leicestershire and Rutland and their chosen charity is also Hope Against Cancer. So, we will give a cheque to Gartree Lodge to be included in their fundraising and the amount will be doubled. This will only happen this year as their event ends in February.

Finally, I would like to thank our club representatives for looking after things at club level, a very important role.”


There were 54 apologies



The President asks that as these minutes were made available to all members during the third week of October, can they be adopted as a true and correct record of that meeting. It was proposed by Sue Barker (Whetstone) and seconded by Joyce Calow (Birstall) and unanimously approved that the minutes were a true record and that the President should sign them.

4.  MATTERS ARISING – The matter of ‘rounding up the match meal monies’ was explained to the members. Depending on the amount charged by each club, the money would be rounded up. This would be at the Captain’s discretion as some of the meals are quite expensive. This extra few pence would go towards the cheque for the Juniors.



The President asked that all reports be heard and then adopted en bloc. 


“The membership for 2019 is slightly down on 2018, 512 against 529 so it would be good if our club reps could have a membership drive to try to swell the numbers. There are only 439 full members, which is 70 down on last year. There were 53 new members but 69 resignations, 11 social and 9 honorary. We are all getting older so it would be great if we could recruit ‘younger’ ladies to the Association.

We have ladies of all ages who support the Association, past players and committee members, now as social members and enjoy coming to the Luncheon. Thank you, ladies, for your continued support.

We are down on attendance today, at only 110, the last year that was less than today was 1980 when 109 attended at the Grand Hotel. Let’s hope we can increase the attendance next year.

This year has been a massive learning curve for me and hopefully I have managed to keep things running smoothly.

I have completed the history of the Association that Barbara started and I now have all the past winners, officials, committee members etc. in a folder. I have been in touch with our webmaster and he is going to look at how the information could go on the website. In the meantime, if you would like any information please get in touch and I can email you any information you may be interested in.

I would like to thank the club representatives for doing the grand job of keeping you all informed and they now have the new signup sheets for all the intercounty matches and posters for our three competitions for your notice boards. Please do sign up as soon as possible so that the captains can select their teams early in the New Year.

I would also like to thank the committee for their continued support.”



“Lady President Kate, ladies

The accounts for the year ended 30th September 2019 have been verified by Peter Webb and I thank Peter for his help.

A copy of the accounts is on each table and I will just go through some of the figures.

Income from subscriptions in 2019 has decreased by £90 compared with 2018 due to a reduction in membership. 

Although the income from our subscriptions does not cover all of our expenses, our three competitions have this year made a profit of £313.71. 

The sale of merchandise generates a small profit of between £2.26 and £2.90 depending on the garment sold. We have stock to the cost value of £412 to carry forward.

The small levy on match fees has generated £100 towards the Junior donation.

Expenditure compared to 2018 has increased for stationery and engraving, this is due to having to stock up on stationery items and catch up with the engraving of trophies.

Decreases in expenditure of printing, is due to a reduction in the cost of our members’ booklet.

Expenditure on team matches has reduced this year by £150 due to the cancellation of one match.

In January we made a donation of £200 to the Junior Girls and a further cheque for £200 will be presented today.

The total closing balance at the bank is £6826.52 of which £782.00 has been collected for our president’s charity. 

The committee have agreed that subscriptions will remain at £5 for 2020.

That concludes my report but I would like thank the committee and you the members for your friendship and support and I look forward to next season”




Mrs Jervis said “President Kate, Ladies,

Well what a lovely year I have had and it doesn’t seem that long ago that since I stood here giving my first speech.  Where has the time gone.

My golfing year started in April with a lovely game with our senior men, played as a mixed AMAM at Charnwood and, unlike the weather last year, it was a nice sunny day and was enjoyed by all. Congratulations go to Mary Langley and Kully Wain who were in the winning team scoring 81 points.

The first team matches, which started in May, were played at Cosby, Farthingstone, Torksey, Scraptoft, Alfreton and The Leicestershire.  All of the matches, apart from the one against Staffordshire, were played off scratch. Staffordshire historically have always fielded a very strong side and beaten us regularly, but this time they wanted to play off handicap. In actual fact when I sat down with the Staffordshire Captain to do the cards, the handicaps were very similar to ours so I think Corinne will be organising next year’s match off scratch rather than off handicap.  I am also pleased to report that we won.

Sadly, we managed to retain the wooden spoon against Derbyshire as we lost again. Better luck next year Corinne.

We have an annual fixture at Rothley with their Senior Men and this is always played as a mixed AMAM.  The gentlemen very kindly paid for tea and coffee on arrival and the prizes which was much appreciated.  Congratulations go to Terri Wills and Janey Heaney who were in the winning team with a score of 83 points.

At the end of the season the results were - played 6, won 4, drew 1 and lost 1 which is an excellent result, well done team!

Our final game was against the 2nd Team at Charnwood and it was a great day out, enjoyed by all.

I would like to add a few thanks if I may. These are for Kate our President who not only played in all but one of the fixtures and was there with support throughout the year.

My thanks also go to Corinne who has been a great support throughout the year, collecting the money, organising the flag and just being there for me, she also captained at Farthingstone as I was not able to play that match.

My last thank you, of course, goes to all the ladies who played in the matches and to the reserves who offered their time even though, in some cases, they were not needed. Thank you all – it’s you ladies who made my year so enjoyable.  I have had a wonderful time, playing different courses, meeting new people and making lots of new friends which, for me is always what it’s all about.

I wish Corinne, Carol and the Committee all the very best for 2020 and hope they enjoy themselves as much as I have.”

Presentation of Colours

There were 4 colours to be presented and these were to

Sally Lax from Market Harborough, Sue Fletcher from Lutterworth, Elaine Watkins from Ullesthorpe and Angela Duck from Kilworth Spring.  Unfortunately, Elaine and Angela were unable to attend so Corinne and I will ensure that they receive them.

Thank you


“President Kate, First Team Captain Ann, Members of the Association.


I would like to start by saying thank you to Avis for asking me to be her Vice-Captain and subsequent successor as the 2nd Team Captain for 2019. I have thoroughly enjoyed my year as Captain. It has given me a great opportunity to meet lots of new ladies from across the County and I have particularly enjoyed the fact that when I am playing at other clubs, either for Charnwood or in Opens etc many of you take the opportunity to come over and say hello, which is fantastic.

221 ladies from 21 different clubs initially signed up to play for either the 2nd or 3rd team this year, with numbers swelling further as others joined the Association throughout the year. This was a fantastic response, and I would like to thank everyone for their support. As you can imagine it was quite challenging to organise such a large number, but my aim throughout the year has always been to get as many ladies as possible playing in our matches.

Although not everyone was available to play as the season progressed, those that were, have been offered at least one game for L&RVLGA, with many having a second game as well. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has played in the matches this year, but also to add a very special thank you to those that have played at very short notice, when selected players have had to withdraw for various reasons. Friends at Charnwood Forest GC and at Lingdale GC have been particularly supportive in these circumstances, for which I am really grateful. Thank you.

Although we have had a rather mixed set of results in our inter-County matches this year, all of them have been played in great spirit, with new friendships formed, and everyone obviously enjoying their games. 

The 2nd Team had a fabulous win against Lincolnshire at Longcliffe GC plus two very friendly, enjoyable matches drawn against Derbyshire away at Erewash Valley GC and against Nottinghamshire at Glen Gorse GC. Unfortunately, we also had two loses: one against Staffordshire away at Barlaston GC and the other, also away, against Northamptonshire at Wellingborough GC.

The 2nd team home match against Warwickshire was cancelled following a request from the away side due to torrential rain over the previous few days. The match was due to be played at The Leicestershire GC and they very kindly offered a number of alternate days but unfortunately Warwickshire were not able to field a team on any of the days offered, which was very disappointing for the players selected. Hopefully this match will go ahead as planned next year.

The 3rd team have just one inter-County match, which is against Northamptonshire. Although all of the ladies seemed to have a fantastic time playing in the match at Melton Mowbray GC, L&RVLGA were unfortunately beaten this year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Leicestershire clubs that have hosted matches for us this year. Their willingness to host, and the very warm welcome we receive is very much appreciated. Thank you.

As many of you know, handicap restrictions have meant that I was unable to play in most of the inter-County matches this year, so I was delighted, therefore, to play in the two 2nd team AM/AM’s with the Senior Gentleman from Market Harborough GC and from Whetstone GC.

Thank you to Penny Coventry from Ullesthorpe GC and Helen McVeigh from Lingdale GC who were my playing partners on those two very enjoyable, and as always, very popular days.

The 3rd team play their AM/AM match against the Leicestershire & Rutland Lady Captains Association. 16 different clubs from across the County were represented on yet another very enjoyable day at Market Harborough GC. Many of those taking part were members of both Associations which did cause some slight confusion with one lady initially down to play in both teams, but all was resolved, and great fun was had by everyone on the day. Thank you to The Lady Captains Association President, Glenda, for providing the prizes this year.

The 2019 season started and finished with matches at Charnwood Forest GC. The season began with the Captain v Vice-Captain match, which as I am sure you all know, is traditionally won by the Vice-Captain’s team. This year the Captain’s team were up 3.5 to 1.5 after the first 5 matches and I thought at last there would be a win for the Captain’s team, but it was not to be. The Vice-Captain’s team came storming through to win the last 3 matches and take an overall win 4.5 to 3.5. Congratulations to Carol and her team. I must admit it was a lot more fun last year when I was the winning Vice-Captain but a great start to the season nevertheless.

The final match of the season was the 2nd v 1st team match. The 2nd team won last year so I knew that the 1st team would be after revenge, and sure enough the 2nd team were well beaten this year.  Many of the matches were initially very close but the 1st team proved just too strong and finished with a fantastic 6.5 to 1.5 win. Congratulations to Ann and her team. It was a lovely end to the season and Carol and I really enjoyed playing our match against Ann and Corinne. Thank you to our President Kate for her kind words at the end of the match and for all her support throughout the year. It has been very much appreciated. Thank you.

I would like to thank members of the Committee for all their friendship and support throughout the past couple of years, and wish the new committee all the very best for 2020.

Lastly, I would like to say a very special thank you to my Vice-Captain Carol for all her help and support this year. She has been fabulous. I wish her every success for next year as 2nd team Captain and know that you will all give her your full support.

Thank you everyone.”


Read by Secretary Avis Webb: “This is a precis of the report:  Our members have had numerous successes playing in national and international events and congratulations to them all but special mention to Helen Lowe who was selected to play for the England Senior Team in the European Team championship in Bulgaria.”



Championships will be held at Walsall GC, 18th May 2020

AM-AM will be held at Bedfordshire and County GC, 29th June 2020

4BBB will be held at Longcliffe GC, 20th July 2020

Stableford, due to the low level of entry for the 2019 Stableford, it was decided that commencing in 2020 this competition will become a 3 Ball Alliance which will be held at Wollaton Park GC, 28th September 2020 

Wales Match will be held at Conway GC on 6th July 2020 

Note: The Wales Match will follow the Curtis Cup which is being held at Conway GC in 2020

Jamboree will be held in Scotland, 4th – 6th August 2020

County Team Championships will be held at Thorpeness GC, 5th – 7th October 2020


COMPETITION SECRETARY (including presentation of 2018 trophies):  MRS ANN HENRY


Read by Secretary Avis Webb: “The competitions this year have been very well supported.
The Championship at Scraptoft attracted 80 participants, a lovely warm sunny day and the course played very well.

The second competition was the Crystal Trophies at Lutterworth, a cloudy morning gave way to sunshine and the course was in good condition with very fast greens, 171 ladies played.

Finally the better-ball salvers were played at Lingdale Golf Club on a drizzly day making the course play long but was complimented by many, 124 ladies played.

My thanks to Bob and Paul for being the starters at all three events and also the Committee for their invaluable help and support during my first year in post!

You will find a slight difference in the booklets for next year's competitions in that there is no requirement for stamped addressed envelopes or email addresses as all start sheets will be constantly updated on the L&RVLGA website.”

The President thanked the Officers for their reports and asked for a proposal that they be adopted.  Proposed by Mrs Rita Fricker (Lingdale GC), seconded by Mrs Andrena Porter, (Lutterworth).


In the absence of the Competition Secretary, the Secretary Mrs Avis Webb announced the winners of the trophies and the President presented them to those who were present as follows -:

Poyner Cup                                      Kully Wain (Ullesthorpe)

Silver Scratch Salver                       Jo Groom (Cosby)

The Bronze Salver                           Laura Bryant (Willesley Park)

The Over 70s Trophy                      Margaret Theakston (Luffenham Heath)

The Crystal Bowls                           Sue Roberts, Alison Seddon, Angela Austin, Fiona Johnson (Longcliffe)

The 4BBB Salvers                           Trudi Allen (Hinckley) and Doreen Brown (Scraptoft)

The Kath Loake Salvers                  Helen Waterhouse and Ann Howard Ullesthorpe)

The President warmly congratulated all the winners.




The Secretary read out the 2 Propositions:

To create the position of Vice President.

The Vice President would serve on the committee during the second year of the Presidents tenure. This member to be voted on to the committee at the AGM at the end of the Presidents first year.

This was proposed by President Kate Elliott and seconded by Secretary Avis Webb. There was a unanimous vote from the members.


If considered necessary, a member may be co-opted to the committee to fill a vacancy or if considered helpful to the committee, for a specific purpose.

This was proposed by President Kate Elliott and seconded by Secretary Avis Webb. There was a unanimous vote from the members.

The constitution will be amended to include these Propositions.



President Kate presented a cheque for £200 as a donation to the County Girls.  This was accepted on their behalf by Ann Jervis.



In accordance with the Constitution, the current Committee had approved the committee for 2020 as listed on the Agenda and President Kate asked for approval from the members that they be duly elected.
This was proposed by Margaret Walne (Glen Gorse) and seconded by Rita Fricker (Lingdale). There was a unanimous show of hands of approval.


The President, Mrs Elliott then introduces each new member and asked them to stand:

i)   The Vice President, Mrs Sue Barker

ii)   The First Team Vice Captain, Mrs Janice Sterland

iii)  The Second Team Vice Captain, Mrs Sandra Roberts

President Kate then asked the 2019 Captains to introduce the 2020 Captains.

The First Team Captain Mrs Ann Jervis then introduces and welcomes Mrs Corinne Boyd as the Captain for 2020 and pins her badge thanking her for her help during her year and wishing her success for 2020.

Mrs Boyd thanks Mrs Jervis for asking her and introduced her Vice-Captain Mrs Janice Sterland (Cosby)

The Second Team Captain Mrs Annette O’Meara then introduced Mrs Carol Hinks as the Captain for 2020 and pins her badge thanking her for collecting the dinner money and all her help during 2019 wishing her every success for 2020.

“Well! Annette I am so pleased that I said ‘yes’ although a little hesitantly to you when you asked me to be your Vice Captain.

I have very much enjoyed the year, collecting money for matches etc etc and learning who’s who. I’m still learning who’s who though, there are so many of you and I do apologise right now if I have called you Agnes when your name is Cleopatra.

I’ve had a fantastic time Annette and have enjoyed the time spent with you … you will of course be a very difficult act to follow, but I know if I need help or guidance then you will be there for me.Thank you Annette.

I do have a word of warning though for anyone taking on the position of Vice Captain, let me tell you, your bank balance decreases drastically with the amount spent on match meals and oh my goodness the waist line increases even more so. 

Gosh by the end of the year as Captain you’ll all be singing “Roll out the barrel Carol”

But on a positive note it has been so lovely in meeting so many of you at the fixtures we have had during the year and also finding out that you have friends in common even in different countries.

As in previous years there are so many ladies in the 2nd team and I will endeavour to give you all at least one match next year, so do make sure that your names are down to play. 

I know it sounds like the Scouts promise but ‘I promise to do my best’.

On a final note I am delighted to introduce Sandra Roberts from Longcliffe Golf Club who kindly agreed to be nominated as my Vice Captain. Sandra, I will look forward to our first match which is the Captain’s Team vs the Vice Captain’s team at Glen Gorse Golf Club and I am told that the Vice Captain’s team always wins, or has done for the last 7 or is it 8 years?

Well! Can the Captain’s team change that for next year, we shall have to wait and see.

I am sure Sandra, whatever, we will have great fun working together and as Vera Lynn sang.

Roll out the barrel we’ll have a barrel of fun’.

Thank you to you all.

President Kate thanked retiring committee members Ann Jervis, Annette O’Meara and Christine Ratcliffe for their contribution over the last two years.

A request was made that if anyone would like to join us on the committee next year, please let us know before the next AGM when we will require 4 new members. There is a nomination form in your booklet.




President Kate asked Mrs Rita Watts to announce the winners of the Sweep, which raised £176 for the Charity:

1st Julie Evans (Charnwood))

2nd Dorothy Jones (Lutterworth)

3rd Pam Hall (Rutland Water)

4th Janice Sterland (Cosby)



There was none.


Marion Keene of The Leicestershire gave the vote of thanks:

"President Kate, Past Presidents and ladies of the Committee. Thank you from the ladies here today and of all the membership for all your efforts on our behalf. All events need great organization and commitment, which are rewarded with successful and enjoyable matches and golf days. 

There being no other business, the President announced the date of the 59th AGM as Thursday 21st November 2020. The meeting was closed at 2.35pm and everyone was wished a safe journey home.

                                                ………………………………………              Date…………………………………

                                                Mrs Kate Elliott (President)2019 AGM Minutes