Leicestershire & Rutland Veteran Ladies Golf Association

1st Team v 2nd Team

1st Team V 2nd Team

29TH AUGUST 2019 at CHharnwood Forest

Ann Jervis and Corinne Boyd won 3 & 2 against Annette O’Meara and Carol Hinks

Andrena Porter and Elaine Watkins halved their match against Jane Ackling and Jenny Carter

Sue Pretty and Lynda Bramley won 6 & 5 against Maggie Parker and Angela Fox

Kate Elliott and Mary Langley won 3 & 1 against Jan Dom and Judy Arden

Jo Groome and Mary Jarvis lost 3 & 1 against Christine Ratcliffe and Annie Martin

Alison Horak and Julia Booth won 1 up against Sheila Major and Liz Reddick

Sarah Bowler and Lynda Wood won 1 up against Cherry Fleet and Liz Walker-Smith

Sue Barker and Trudie Allen won 3 & 2 against Jo Pepper and Pam Fox

Result: 6.1/2 1st Team - 1.1/2 2nd Team

Annette O’Meara, the 2nd Team Captain, gave a very warm welcome to all the Leicestershire and Rutland ladies and hoped that we would have a very enjoyable day, which everyone did.  This is always a lovely game to play at the end of the season for the two captains.

I asked Annette to pass on my thanks to both the catering staff (who were new) and to the greens staff as the food was good and the course was in excellent condition.

Our Lady President Kate Elliott thanked both the captains for all their hard work throughout the season and both Annette and I thanked our Vice Captains for their support and wished them the very best for the coming year.

Both Annette and I have carried a bottle of Prosecco to all the matches in case anyone got a hole in one.  However, as this didn’t happen this season, I presented my bottle to Sue Pretty who had an amazing 3 birdies. Annette had a raffle and, after a number draw, presented her bottle to Pam Fox.

I would like to say thank you to all the first team ladies for playing and for making the last match of my year so enjoyable.

Ann Jervis

1st Team Captain